The Reminders application is valuable for monitoring the numerous things we have to do. It likewise gives the capacity to set area based updates that will remind us to accomplish something when we show up or leave a particular area.

For instance, suppose you are sitting at home one night and recall it’s your go to get doughnuts to work the morning. Utilizing the Reminders application, you can set a suggestion to get doughnuts when you venture out from home. As you go out the following morning, your iPhone will remind you to get doughnuts.

Setting a Location-Based Reminder

To set an area based update, open the Reminders application and tap the in addition to sign in the upper right corner of the screen. Enter a title for the update and press Done in the upper right corner of the screen.

Tap the suggestion to open the Details screen and move the slider for “Remind Me At a Location” to the ON position. The location for your present area will consequently show up beneath the slider. To set an alternate area, tap the address and pick one from the rundown or enter a location into the field gave. By tapping the location field, you can either type a location into the field or choose the blue catch with an or more sign at the privilege of the field to choose a location from your Contacts.

Select either “When I Leave” or “When I Arrive”, contingent upon how you need to be advised.

You additionally have a choice to remember a note for the update. For our model, suppose we have to purchase three dozen doughnuts. Tap on the “Show More” fasten and select “Notes” to enter the content “Purchase 3 dozen”.

At the point when completed, tap Done in the upper right corner to come back to the fundamental page. The arrangement for this update is presently finished. You will see the “Get Donuts” update in the rundown with the “Purchase 3 dozen” note.

Whenever you go out, the iPhone will give an alarm reminding you to get doughnuts.

Add Locations to Your Contacts

To make the procedure simpler, include often utilized areas, for example, stores or organizations, to your Contacts. Make a point to include your home and places of business to your own contact data. This will enable you to allude to these areas as just “home”, “work”, or by the business name.

Use Siri to Set a Reminder

To utilize Siri to consequently arrangement area based updates, Reminder App By Google you have to have the location areas previously gone into your Contacts. At that point, just push and hold the Home catch on the iPhone to initiate Siri. Tell Siri “Remind me to get doughnuts when I venture out from home”. Siri will make the update utilizing the location in your Contacts.

Area based updates can utilize some extra battery control since area benefits needs to screen your position. On the off chance that battery channel is an issue, use time sensitive updates when you can.