Lecture The Word

Ezekiel 3: 16-21 And It arrived at go toward the part of the arrangement, that the expression of the LORD came to me saying, Son of man, I have made thee a guard unto the place of Israel: along these lines hear the word at my mouth, and give them cautioning from me.

When I state unto the evil thou shalt most beyond words; thou givest him not cautioning, nor address caution the mischievous from his underhanded behavior, to spare his life; the equivalent insidious man will kick the bucket in his wrongdoing; yet his blood will I require at thine hand.

However on the off chance that thou caution the evil, and he divert not from his mischievousness, nor from his insidious way, he will most amazing his wrongdoing; yet thou hast conveyed thy soul.

Once more, when a noble man doth abandon his uprightness, and submit wrongdoing, and I lay a hindrance before him, he will pass on: in light of the fact that thou hast not given him cautioning, he will kick the bucket in his transgression, and his nobility which he hath done will not be recalled; however his blood I will require at thine hand.

In any case if thou caution the equitable man, that the honorable sin not, he will most likely live, on the grounds that he is cautioned; likewise thou hast conveyed thy soul.

We are advised by God all-powerful to WARN the underhanded of their wrongdoing, today we need to look the other way, not focus on it. We are constrained wrongly that in the event that it doesn’t influence me, at that point who cares it is on the evil. God said to caution him or his blood will be required at our very hand. We realized he wasn’t right, he required our adoration, concern and commitment to God to caution him of his ways. We have to lecture the word be prepared to arrive at the lost for Christ. We are in the most recent days, God said His Holy Spirit would not generally endeavor with man; it is dependent upon Christians to arrive at the lost. It is dependent upon us to raise the blundering offspring of God.

II Timothy 4: 2-4 PREACH THE WORD; be moment in season, out of season, impugn, reprimand, urge with all lenient and DOCTRINE.

For the opportunity will come when they won’t bear sound precept; however after their very own desires will they stack to themselves instructors, having tingling ears; And they will divert way their ears from reality, and be turned unto tales.

Paring Ezekiel and Timothy, God is instructing us to caution the evil with all reality, to be steady getting the message out, both to caution the lost and enlighten the blundering offspring of God. Lift them up with empathy, demonstrate the consideration, Pregacao evangélica the adoration Christ appeared to us when we were lost in our wrongdoing.

Jesus has authorized us to go out and lecture and educate in His name. To let a lost and biting the dust world know there is no other name under paradise by which we are to be spared than that of our valuable Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus said to propel them to come in, whatever it takes we are to demonstrate the lost Grace through Faith, and that not of ourselves however by Christ not of any work we can do, yet that it is a blessing, a blessing from God not of our works in case any man should gloat. Today, particularly nowadays we live in, we have to go out and propel them to come in. We are in the best long stretches of dereliction the congregation has ever known, subsequently, it is up to us, the spared purified through water assortment of adherents to arrive at the lost for Christ.